Home Watch Monitoring

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About Us

Harbor Home Watch, LLC is a professional home monitoring company specializing in the care and security of the interior and exterior of homes for absentee homeowners. Whether you own a primary residence, second home, or an investment property in the Charleston area, we can help protect it. Harbor Home Watch strives hard to continue to meet the growing needs of this unique market place and its client’s needs and concerns.

Protect your Home

Your home and investment sits in one of the most beautiful places on earth, therefore caring for it has got to be priority. Harbor Home Watch takes great pride in providing homeowners with a “peace of mind” philosophy. During each scheduled inspection, whether it is daily, weekly, or bi-weekly, a detailed checklist will be emailed to you providing “peace of mind” that your interior and exterior of your home is satisfactory.


The storms we experience in Charleston, especially during summer months, can be violent. They can cause damage to homes and property from high winds, heavy rain, lightening and possible flooding. Essential home systems- air conditioning, security alarms, and pool systems can be damaged or de-energized by power outages and surges. Harbor Home Watch LLC will perform a thorough combined interior and exterior of your home as soon as road travel permits after a serve storm occurrence.

Home Watch Monitoring Basic Service Plan

Mail, Newspapers, Flyers (collect and forward if necessary)
Security Lighting (exterior adjust as needed.)
Inspect water meter at home (if running, or not)
Lawn/Landscaping (healthy/maintained)
Doors/Entry Way (properly secured)
Lot Drainage (standing water)
Garbage (refuse can at home)
Gutters/Down Spouts (open, well mounted)
Irrigation (leaks/adjust scheduled if necessary)
Storm Inspection (see information below)
24 Hour Emergency Response

Proper Heating/Cooling
Electrical (lights, switches, malfunctions)
Plumbing (free/clear running water)
Toilets (flushed, cleaned)
Hot Water (verify on/off)
Appliances (dishwasher, frig, stove, disposal)
Phone/Alarm System (dial tone/communication)
Plants (healthy, maintained, dead, weeds)
Musty odors (moisture, mildew, odors)
Window/Doors (secure, proper operating)
Security System (activated/set)

Rate Summary For Home Watch Services

For rates, please contact us or call Dan Mykols at 843-566-5169.

24 Hour Emergency
This service is provided at no additional charge from 8:00 o’clock a.m. to 8:00 o’clock p.m.
After hours rate is $50.00 per hour

This service is for home improvements, repair services oversight, meeting a contractor at the home. $65.00 per hour.

*May be subject to a different rate depending on location of home.